We Encourage Cooperating Brokers / Realtors!

Cooperating Brokerage is encouraged and acknowledged with any licensed Real Estate Broker/Realtor except on auctions where the Seller has expressly declined, in writing, to cooperate with Buyer Brokers. A commission of up to 2% of the Purchase Price will be paid by Anderson & Co. Realtors, LLC to a cooperating Broker/Realtor who registers the successful bidder on the Auctioneer(s), Larry Watson, Allan Anderson and/or Travis Elliott  Broker-Realtor Participation Agreement and who closes on the property per the terms of the Purchase Contract. If the terms of the Purchase Contract are not fulfilled, even if the client purchases the property, no commission will be due the Broker/Realtor.The Broker/Realtor must register their client by mail or fax no later than 48 hours prior to the auction – registration must be on the Broker-Realtor Participation Agreement. The form must be completely filled out and signed by the Broker/Realtor. In the event that a client is registered by more than one Broker/Realtor, the first completed agreement will be considered the procuring Broker/Realtor. There will be NO verbal registrations accepted. In the event the client has already been in contact with an associate of Auctioneer, Larry A. Watson in regards to this auction, or is on our client mailing list, or has received a flyer from Auctioneer, Larry A. Watson, no registration will be accepted.The only time the property will be shown is during the PREVIEW / OPEN TIME, and/or a pre-set appointment with Realtor/Auctioneer(s). The Broker/Realtor must attend with the client.The Broker/Realtor must attend the auction with the client and furnish a completed Agency Disclosure Form, showing Broker/Realtor relationship with the client. The client, must fill out in its entirety and sign the following:

  1. Pre-Registration Card,
  2. Residential Property Disclosure Form (if applicable),
  3. Lead Base Paint Disclosure Form (if applicable)

no later than 30 minutes prior to the commencement of the Auction. Brokers/Realtors who are acting as principals are not eligible for commission.

There can be NO EXCEPTIONS to this procedure and NO Broker/Realtor registrations can be accepted at the auction site!

Buyer Will Need to Sign:

  1. Disclosure of Agency Relationship Form
  2. Residential Property Disclosure Form *
  3. Lead Base Paint Disclosure Form & Booklet *
  4. Auction Pre-Registration Form

*(If Applicable)
Please use the CONTACT form in the sidebar to request the required forms.

Thank you for your cooperation in advance. If you have further questions about auctions, please feel free to contact us. Thank you!